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The Best Drawing Tablets for Connecting to Your Computer

If you decide to venture into the world of digital artwork, then buying the right computer drawing tablet makes all the difference in the world. Here's a list of the best computer drawing tablets on the market now....(more)

Top-selling USB Drawing Tablets on the Market

Serious artists know that a USB drawing tablet is the best way to interact with illustration software on a computer. The level of control provided by a good drawing tablet simply can't be matched by most other input methods. Here are some of the top-selling choices in USB drawing tablets available online....(more)

What Is a Scratch Disk?

Having a scratch disk on your computer allows you to multitask much more effectively. Utilizing a scratch disk also allows you to tackle larger graphics-intensive projects and tasks than your computer is normally able to handle. Learn more about what a scratch disk is and how to take full advantage of it....(more)

Popular Tablets for Graphic Designers

If you are considering a move into freelance graphic design, you need a few tools to round out your computer setup. A graphic tablet is one of the most important parts of any designer's kit. Look at some of the popular choices and see which one fits your needs....(more)


Characteristics of PPI vs. DPI

Every hobby and profession comes with its own jargon; often this means that it takes time for you to learn and understand like with a language. Photography is a field with a lot of jargon that is only used by photographers. Two common terminologies in photography are PPI and DPI. It is hard to understand what these terms mean when they are used interchangeably at times. Here are some descriptions of both terms to help you better understand each....(more)

The Easiest Way to Reduce the Size of a File

Most modern digital cameras are capable of shooting high-resolution images. You need the higher resolution for printing anything bigger than an 8x10 photo, but the file sizes of those images are often too big for use in emails, websites and social media sites. There is an easy way to quickly reduce the file sizes to a manageable level....(more)

Navigating Photo Resolution for Printing Purposes

Image resolution is a widely misunderstood concept, as it does not refer to the number of pixels in an image but to how close they are to each other. Resolution can only be quantified and compared if you know how many pixels are in a given amount of space. Photo resolution for printing must be a bit higher than that of images displayed on the web. Here are some tips on choosing proper print resolution for your images....(more)

Vector Graphics

Defining Vector Graphics: A Technological Explanation

You can use vector graphics to store and display graphic images on computers using points and vectors. Vector graphics are receiving increasing amounts of attention because they can be resized and displayed on computer screens of any resolution without any loss in image quality. Knowing how vector graphics are stored and displayed by computer programs is paramount to understanding the technical details behind this image format. It is also useful to consider the difference between vector graphics and raster graphics to define vector graphics....(more)

The Best Programs for Converting a Bitmap to a Vector

Scanning an image into your computer saves the image in a bitmap format. These file types are based on pixel values and do not have the clean look of vector graphics. This is fine for simple uses of these scans, but more advanced uses require other format types. The use of vector graphic formatting is essential for typesetting and graphic design. When you need to convert a bitmap to a vector, the conversion is done in two ways. The first uses an algorithm that traces the bitmap, the other allows for detail work by using a tool to trace by hand. The best programs allow you to do both and then save in an appropriate format....(more)

Vector Illustration Software: User Reviews

Vector illustration software is not cheap, and it certainly pays to do some research before you invest in a program that may turn out to be substandard. User reviews are written by people who use the program constantly, meaning that they tend to be accurate. Here are some of the top vector illustration software user reviews....(more)